17mm F1.4 APS-C


Mount: Sony E
Colour: Black
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Compatible with

SONY E-mount

Fuji X-mount

Canon M-mount

Nikon Z-mount


Leica: T、TL、TL2、CL、Sigma:FP(Camera settings: APS-C mode)

Wide Angle & Large Aperture with 0.2m Minimum Focus Distance
TTArtisan 17mm f/1.4 adopts the equivalent focal length on full-frame is about 25mm, with an angle of 81°. The unique combination of large aperture and 0.2m minimum focus distance makes the use scene of the lens not limited.

Excellent Choice for Street and Documentary Photography
TTArtisan 17mm f/1.4 only weighs 247g which is very portable. That makes it can be used to record beautiful scenery during the journey and complete environmental humanistic creation in a narrow space. The large aperture of F1.4 ensures the high-speed shutter shooting in the street at dusk or low light situation can be achieved.

Great Balance Between Object and Environment
The large aperture makes it easier to contrast the portrait with the environment and show the structure curve of the portrait. The portraits with strong perspective effects make the photo more story-telling.

Full Metal Body
TTArtisan has always been adhering to the concept of exquisite workmanship. Use high-quality aviation aluminum to build a full-metal body. CNC high precision processing gives the lens a perfect texture.

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