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LED Light Lumimuse 8 LED, black, snap-fit filter mount

8 bright LED lights provide you with high colour rendition

A highlight of the Lumimuse 8 are the snap-fit filter mounts and additional set of filters. This lets you modify the colour temperature and diffusion of the LED light. Both the filters and filter mount come with a carrying case, allowing you to transport the equipment easily. More filter kits and colours are available if you want to take your creative control even further.

MLUMIEMU BK det04 lr

Ultra-portable size means lets you transport it with ease

Large, bright and powerful. The Lumimuse 8 is the biggest LED light in the Lumimise range, and yet is still highly portable for your working environment.

MLUMIEMU BK det02 lr

Includes a 6.4mm thread so you can attach accessories

Coming with a hot shoe mount and a standard 6.4mm thread, you've got maximum compatibility with your own accessories. Perfect for letting you attach the Lumimuse 8 directly to your tripod and other supports.

Rechargeable via USB cable so you can work for longer

The Lumimuse 8 also comes with USB rechargeable Li-Po batteries. This means you can work for longer than ever on your photography without stopping to charge your lighting halfway.

MLUMIEMU BK det06 lr

Four step dimming control lets you regulate light intensity

 Specially designed to bring effective lighting in different environments, you've got plenty of versatility with this LED light. The powerful maximum light output is controlled by four-step dimming to regulate light intensity. Whatever the environment, you can regulate the lighting with ease. 


0.175 kg 
Powered By (Batteries)
Built in Lithium
CRI (Colour Rendition Index)
Beam Angle
50 °
Colour Temperature
4 step dimming

In the box:

Hot Shoe Mount
Snap-Fit Filter Mount
Tungsten Filter
Diffusion Filter
Filter Carrying Case