Camelion Rechargeable D Batteries 10000mAh

Camelion Rechargeable D Batteries 10000mAh


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Up to 1000 charging cycles!

• Environmentally friendly

• Ideal battery for powering today's high-tech equipment

• Electrochemical system: Nickel-Metal Hydrid

• Capacity: 10000mAh

• Nominal voltage 1.2V

Low self discharge - The positive electrode is coated with cobalt to make the surface of the material more difficult to be eroded preventing side reactions, greatly reduces the self-discharge rate of the battery. Camelion battery will still maintain a high charge even after long term storage.

High Capacity - Camelion 10000mAh high capacity rechargeable battery will give you a better performance in high, medium, and low drain devices

Safety - The rubber particles of the core components have pass through a carbon treatment providing a stronger anti-oxidation ability and incorporated into the explosion-proof structure to prevent explosion even when the battery is subjected to extreme environment for a long time. The explosion-proof valve can still be opened normally even when the internal pressure is too large.

Long life - The negative hydrogen storage cell lattice of NH battery will be destroyed continuously with the progress of charging and discharging. Therefore, the capacity decreases with use, which is the main reason for the impact on battery life. Camelion battery adopts special formula of AB5 type alloy powder, and the newly formulated additive to make the hydrogen storage alloy lattice more durable, with a life of up to 1000 cycles

Environmental friendly - The battery has no capacity memory effect, and can be charged with solar power devices. Environmentally friendly with 0% Cadmium, Mercury, Lead.

    Int. Frame size to IEC HR20
    Frame size D
    Dimensions (Ø x L mm) 32,5 x 61,0
    Weight (g) 100,0 180,0
    Electrochemical System Nickel-Metal Hydrid
    Capacity 2500 to 10.00mAh
    Nominal Voltage 1,2V
    Jacket Aluminiumfoil / PVC label