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Freehold™ Universal Mount

Secure holding onto the phone using built-in elastic loop
Sliding elastic finger loop makes universal fit
Sticks to most phones and cases*
Holds phone comfortably in vertical and horizontal positions
Slim profile doesn't bother normal phone usage

Tired of not being able to get a grip of your latest mobile phone whilst shooting killer content? Want to open up a whole world of crazy angles for your latest videos? You need the new JOBY FreeHold Multi-Function Smartphone system (elastic finger loop and accessories) in your pocket.
The FreeHold system works by allowing your phone to be held securely and comfortably with a back, sliding elastic finger loop. We have then hidden a quick snap connector under the strap slider which allows you to attach unique flexible wrapping legs or a standard ¼-20” tripod adapter*. Get crazy with the wrapping legs, hang it, wrap it* or even set it up as an adjustable kickstand. For ultimate connectivity use the tripod adapter (included in the kit) to connect to any GorillaPod®, ¼-20” tripod or stand.
This FreeHold Universal Kit sticks to most phones and cases* and supports phone devices weighing up to 500g / 1.1lbs.
*Clean your device with an alcohol pad before applying the FreeHold. Adheres best to smooth hard plastic devices or cases. Will NOT adhere to glass-backed devices, like the iPhone 11 series, without a suitable case. May not adhere to silicone, leather, and other soft materials. Test with your device before use. Not intended to be used in situations where severe vibrations may occur e.g. cycling. The sticker is repositionable up to 3 times. Follow the instruction from the download area. Flexible legs and the tripod attached may obstruct the ultra-wide angle camera of the phone in some positions. Check the framing before shooting. Doesn’t work with wireless charging. Avoid twisting the flexible arms too rapidly in a short period of time or the wire inside may break. Tripod and device are not included.


Weight: 0.014 kg
Material: Polycarbonate PC, Woven Elastic band, Adhesive
Dimensions: 9.44 x 3.2 x 0.72 cm
Colour: Black
Safety Payload Weight: 0.5 kg
Maximum Working Temperature: 40 °C
Minimum Working Temperature: -10 °C
Product Contents: FreeHold phone grip

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