Varta Rechargeable 9V (200 Mah)

Varta Rechargeable 9V (200 Mah)


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Re-chargeable 9V power for your toys, remotes, smoke alarms and more!

VARTA offers rechargeable cells for every application. All common sizes up to the highest capacities are ‘Ready To Use’. An environmentally-friendly product assortment to meet the highest consumer demands.

    Rechargeable AccuPlus is innovation Nickel-Hydride technology - up to 100% more capacity than conventional Nickel-Cadmium batteries - and without 'memory effect'. Rechargeable up to 1000 times.0% Cadmium, 0% Mercury

    • The un-excelled energy solution for demanding consumers:
    • enjoy your device performances at their best
    • Unique: highest "Ready To Use" capacity for 9 V with 200 mAh
    • Very low self-discharge
    • Rechargeable without any memory effect
    • Suitable for the most demanded devices
    • Pre-charged for immediate usage straight from the pack
    • Up to 75% charge after 12 months
    • Compatible with all chargers and devices

    “Made in Germany“ is more than just a label to us. It is not only a reliable indication of quality, but also a practised tradition that is particularly close to our heart. This is one of the main reasons VARTA Consumer is one of the world’s most important consumer battery manufacturers.

    VARTA Type 56722
    Battery Size 9V
    Height 15.7 mm
    Weight 36.0 g
    Electrochemical System Nickel-metal Hydride (NI/MH)
    Capacity 200 mAh
    Voltage 8.4 V