Samyang Xeen 24mm T1.5 Cine

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The name XEEN comes from the experience of ‘scene’ and ‘seen.’ The first letter is replaced by an ‘X,’ which represents infinity; limitless experiences and possibilities. XEEN aims to deliver superior optics, for maximum user satisfaction. With bright aperture and outstanding optical performance for 4K+, focus are free to concentrate on the only thing that matters- realizing their creative power. A masterpiece of both form and function, made to meet the needs of professional video-cinema producers and creators, XEEN blazes a new trail in the professional lens market. Expand your horizons with XEEN.


Bright T1.5 Aperture
With the T-number for bright performance, it makes it easy to take pictures at any exposure.
Minimized Flare and Ghost Effects with Ultra Multi Coating
By reducing the impact of flares and ghosting effects in your pictures while ensuring excellent image quality and contrast from the center to the periphery, it offers crystal clear, sharp image quality.
Optimal Cine Lens Design
With a 114mm barrel, FFG and stepless aperture, this is the perfect choice for shooting films.
Beautiful Bokeh with 11 Aperture Blades
Featuring 11 rounded blades, it adds an artistic touch to your pictures and creates a sense of soft dimension with incredible bokeh, perfect for out-of-focus portraits and night city landscapes.
Smooth Focus Ring
Smooth focusing ensures precise control and produces images with incredible sharpness, making it the ideal choice for indoor and night shooting.


Focal length : 24 mm
Maximum T-stop : T1.5
Negative size : 24 mm X 36 mm
Angle of view Full Frame(1:1x) : 84.1°
Angle of view Super 35 : 61.2°
Angle of view APS-C (1:1.5x) : 60.4°
Angle of view APS-C (1:1.6x) : 57.3°
Angle of view MFT (1:2x) : 47.6°
Focusing range : ∞ to 0.25 m
Front Size : Φ114mm
Number of blades : 11
Size : Φ117.6mm x 113.7mm
Angle Focus angle : 200°
Iris angle : 40°
Weight (without Lens cap) : 1,180g

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