The 5 Best Ways to Mount a Photo Album
Are you looking for the best ways to mount a drymount photo albums? There are many different ways too choose from, using different adhesives and photo mounting accessories.
We've put together the 5 easiest and best ways to mount a drymount photo album which can all be found by using Profile Photo Mounting Accessories.

When using these photo album mounting accessories, you will enjoy a no mess, touch-free application that won't leave any residue or staining behind.

These methods are all perfect for mounting photos, Polaroid photos, and a variety of other scrapbooking, postcards or craft materials. These photo mounting applications are all are easy to use and photo safe (acid-free) to ensure your memories will be forever protected.

Read on to learn how to use the most popular photo mounting accessories for drymount photo albums so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements for building your own photo album.

1. Photo Splits

Photo Splits are a double-sided, self-adhesive tabs. Also known as Photo Tabs or Photo Stickers. First, place the sticky side of the squares on the back of the photo (we recommend one tab at each corner). Then, remove the liner and place the photo where you wish onto the photo album page.

Photo Splits

Here is a helpful demo video we've made below showing you how to use Profile Photo Splits for mounting photos in your drymount photo album:


2. Photo Easy Dots Runner

Our Photo Easy Dots Runner is simple, quick and easy to use. Just use the applicator to roll a small amount of adhesive will do the work perfectly. To apply it, roll the product at the back of the photo, around 1cm to 2 cm, at each corner and center of the photo. Then, place the photo where you wish on the photo album pages and slightly press. This high-quality adhesive also allows you to remove or replace your photo later if you want to, and it will not destroy your page or your photo.

Dot Runner

Here is a helpful demo video we've made below showing you how to use Profile Easy Dots Runner for mounting photos in your drymount photo album:

3. Photo Tape Runner

Photo Tape Runner is similar method to the Photo Easy Dots, but offers a stronger adhesive contact for a more permanent fixture. Handy for heavier or thicker cardboard and items. To use it, roll a small amount of the adhesive tape, around 1cm to 2cm, onto the back of the photograph, at each corner and the center of the photo. Then, press the photo into place onto your photo album page. 

Tape Runner

Here is a helpful demo video we've made below showing you how to use Profile Photo Tape Runner for mounting photos in your drymount photo album:

4. Adhesive Magic Dots

Adhesive Magic Dots are small 'dots' of clear premium, double-sided adhesive placed on a paper release carrier. A magic dot can be picked up from the release paper by directly pressing the back corner of a photo or print onto a dot, and then adhering this straight into the photo album page.

Adhesive magic dot on back of photo

Here is a helpful demo video we've made below showing you how to use Profile Adhesive Magic Dots for mounting photos in your drymount photo album:

 5. Archival Photo Corners

Archival Photo Corners are traditional way to mount your photos without them getting sticky. Simply place each corner of your photo into one of the clear polyester photo corners to attach. You can then easily remove the photo again at any time as required. Ideal for if you just want to change, move or replace photos or even to read any notes on the back of an old photo.

No adhesive comes in contact with the photos making these archival quality corners the safest option to mount precious photographic prints and artworks. Archival Photo Corners are recommended by most professional photographic conservation specialists.

Photo corners used to hold a photo in an album


Creative Ideas for Arranging Your Photos onto Drymount Album Pages

Drymount photo albums have offer a world of creative possibilities for arranging and mounting your memories. Compared to standard pocket style albums, drymount photo albums allow the unique benefit to customise your photo arrangements and layouts, so that you can design an album that suits your personal style and preference.

We've created an infographic below to help provide some ideas and inspiration for your next album project. 

Photo Album Layout Ideas Infographic

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