Bsafe Emergency 9 Led Beacon 4-In-1


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The B-Safe 4 in 1 Emergency Beacon is a must-have saftey device to carry in your car. The B-Safe 4 in 1 Emergency Beacon is multi-functional and boasts the following functions:- 360 degree flashing beacon - The high-intensity flashing red LED's allow other drivers to see the beacon from a distance up to 450 meters in all directions- Torch - The high intensity white LED torch lets you see what you're doing.- Seat belt cutter - This added saftey feature allows the driver to cut the seat belt off in the event of an accident or emergency situation- Emergency glass hammer - The steel spike feature allows the driver or the occupant to be able to shatter the window and escape the vehicleThe torch is also weatherproof under normal usage and has a magnetic base, allowing for hands-free operations in the event of an emergency.

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