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Bsafe Emergency 9 Led Beacon 4-In-1

Sale price$14.95

The B-Safe 4 in 1 Emergency Beacon is a must-have saftey device to carry in your car.

The B-Safe 4 in 1 Emergency Beacon is multi-functional and boasts the following functions:

360 degree flashing beacon - The high-intensity flashing red LED's allow other drivers to see the beacon from a distance up to 450 meters in all directions

Torch - The high intensity white LED torch lets you see what you're doing.

Seat belt cutter - This added saftey feature allows the driver to cut the seat belt off in the event of an accident or emergency situation

Emergency glass hammer - The steel spike feature allows the driver or the occupant to be able to shatter the window and escape the vehicle

The torch is also weatherproof under normal usage and has a magnetic base, allowing for hands-free operations in the event of an emergency.