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Gitzo Grease Set of 2

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The Gitzo GSGREASE02 Grease Kit (2-Piece Set) is a valuable tripod accessory that helps maintain the flawless performance of your favorite photography supports over time. 

2-piece grease set tripod accessory
Protects metal surfaces from excessive wearing over time
Helps maintain flawless leg-locking performance
Non-sticky, dust/sand/dirt-repellent, protects metal from wear

Gitzo leg-lock systems are designed to last a lifetime and to always deliver the best performance. To help keep these key components in perfect condition, we recommended using the correct type of grease every time your tripod is cleaned. Gitzo uses a special product that guarantees the smoothest operation and protects metal surfaces from excessive wear over time. This product is specially formulated to be non-sticky so it does not attract dust, sand or other dirt that may dramatically reduce the locking system’s lifetime.

This grease is available in a handy set consisting of two small tubes. There is the right amount of product in one tube to lubricate a four-section tripod. We recommend always using a minimal quantity of grease as excessive amounts may have the adverse effect of attracting undesired dirt and reducing the system’s locking ability.


Weight: 0.015 kg