Gitzo Quick Release Plate D Profile with Rubber Grip

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The Gitzo GS5370DR Quick Release Plate D Profile with rubber is a reliable head accessory that is fixed to the camera's base to allow photographers to quickly, easily and safely attach or remove cameras from a tripod head.

Rubberized Quick Release Plate head accessory
Maximum grip and reliability of the camera attachment
Arca-Swiss compatible
Includes one 1/4'' screw
1/4” thread and 1/4”-3/8” screw adapter included

The GS5370DR is Gitzo's standard size D profile (Arca-Swiss compatible) plate with the addition of two rubber strips that ensure the maximum grip and reliability of the attachment. It is ideal for smaller, lighter cameras. It comes with one 1/4'' camera screw (and 1/4”- 3/8” adapter) , which can be tightened by hand using a coin or the supplied hex key. This head accessory is specifically designed to be easy to use, wherever photographers are and regardless of the tools they have (or don’t have) with them.


Weight: 0.132 kg
Material: Aluminium, Rubber, Steel
Accessory Size Height: 1.15 cm
Accessory Size Length: 7 cm
Accessory Size Width: 5.5 cm