Gitzo Rapid Column Systematic Series 5 Carbon

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The Gitzo GS5513S Systematic Rapid Center Column is a tripod accessory for professional photographers who require secure, additional elevation and rapid height adjustment without adding extra weight to their gear.

Rapid Center Column tripod accessory for additional height
Ideal for Series 5 Systematic tripods
Lifts and lowers heavy gear with the ultimate precision
Easily installed, secure twist-to-lock mechanism
Strong carbon fiber construction

This carbon fiber rapid center column is compatible with Series 5 Systematic tripods.

The ''rapid'' column slides freely and quickly in the tripod shoulder and is locked and unlocked via a simple twist mechanism, offering the same strength and solid locking under heavy loads. The safety catch feature, when used together with recent Systematic tripods with a safety button, prevents the column from dropping out of the tripod even if it is inadvertently left unlocked.

GS5513S replaces the GS5512S, and features the latest components including the solid upper disc and hook.


Weight: 0.12 kg
Material: Carbon Fiber
Accessory Size Diameter: 12 cm
Accessory Size Height: 49 cm
Series: 5

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