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GripTight™ PRO Phone

Universal compatibility: fits any phone with or without a case
Premium build with durable ABS, TPE grips and stainless steel
Designed for the most secure hold when capturing images & video
Able to adjust tilt angle for best positioning & to avoid glare
Over-molded stainless steel plates lock to secure any smartphone

GripTight Mount PRO fits any smartphone and offers a robust, locking and rotating solution for more optimal set-up of photos and videos, plus includes an optional flexible tripod for limitless set-ups.

Ultra-Secure Mount
Any phone, any tripod, any situation. GripTight Mount PRO is rock solid for phone photography.
Fits all phones, including most cases
Smartphones from 56mm-91mm wide, including iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 & more
Portrait or Landscape!
With 90° of rotation and 150° of tilt, simply adjust, tighten and you are set up for a stable shot.
Enhance Your Favorite Apps
Whether you are creating, viewing or sharing, GripTight Mount PRO creates a better experience
Safely mount cool gear like the DXO One camera system! Take your phone for a ride with the GripTight Bike Mount PRO!
Let your phone hang out in places you never thought of! Use your phone as an action video cam!


Weight: 0.108 kg
Devices: Large Phone, Small Phone
Attachment Type: 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount
Material: ABS Plastic, Stainless steel, TPE
Dimensions: 5.3 x 7.6 x 6.8 cm

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