Hahnel Captur Remote & Flash Trigger Sony

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Combining two products in one - a wireless remote shutter release and a remote flash trigger


Wireless remote shutter release for DSLR cameras
Wireless remote control for DSLR flashgun
Interchangeable camera connector cables included per brand
Autofocus and shutter release with continuous shooting and bulb mode
Photography, High speed photography and motion and wildlife photography
Powered by AA Batteries
DCM - Digital Channel Matching

Compatible Cameras

A7 / A7MarkII / A7MarkIII / A7R / A7RMarkII / A7RMarkIII / A7RMarkIV/ A7S / A7SMarkII / A9 / A58/ A68/ A3000 / A3500 / A5000 / A5100 / A6000 / A6100 / A6300 / A6400 / A6500 / A6600 / HX50 / HX60 / HX80 / HX300 / HX400 / NEX-3N / RX10 /RX10MarkII / RX10Mark III / RX10MarkIV/ RX100 / RX100MarkII / RX100MarkIII / RX100MarkIV/ RX100MarkV/ RX100Mark VI / RX100MarkVII / WX500


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