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Hahnel Powercube Wireless Charger

SKU: HN1000580_0
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Ideal desktop charger

Charge your camera batteries, mobile phone & other wireless devices all with one charger


Wireless stand-alone desktop charger
Sequentially charge camera battery & mobile phone
Can also be used as an accessory for the HAHNEL PROCUBE & PROCUBE2
9V fast charge when connected to QC-compatible device
Lightweight, compact design
4 x anti-slip rubber feet
Charges through cases up to 3mm thick

Ā  What is 9V Fast Charging?
When fast charging at 9V, the charging is done at 9V rather than the
traditional 5V USB charging. This 9V is enabled when a QC USB adapter
is used to power the PowerCUBE, enabling faster charging.
To avail of faster charge times:
The adapter must be QC-compatible
The mobile device must have a built-in, high performance wireless
receiver which can make use of the higher 9V charge power
(such as the Samsung S8+).

The Hahnel Power Cube can be connected in different ways:

Option 1
Connect Hahnel PowerCube to a Hahnel PROCUBE or PROCUBE2 via Micro USB socket to charge camera batteries and mobile phones.

Option 2:
Connect to a suitable QC-enabled device via Micro
USB socket to enable 9V fast charging*.
The fast-charging capability reduces the overall
wireless charge time by 30 minutes*.
*Model specific ā€“ we tested using the Samsung S8+
Option 3:
Use as a stand-alone wireless charger.
Minimalistic design - ideal to use as a
desktop charger.
Just connect to your laptop to charge.
Compatible with
iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8
Various Android models

What's In the Box
Hahnel PowerCUBE
Shorter USB cable (for PROCUBE 2)
Longer USB-A to microUSB cable for use with other USB power sources or Qi compatible power adapter