Joby Griptight Mount Magsafe

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Innovative Super Fast Mount For MagSafe compatible with any JOBY tripods

Designed for Content Creators who want to maximise the MagSafe Functionality

Quick mounting for any iPhone 12 type using MagSafe technology
Twist the jaws to choose between quick or secure mounting

360° Phone rotation between horizontal & vertical modes
Add light and mic via GorillaPod® arms and build your video rig
Work seamlessly with GorillaPod: Grip it. Wrap it. Stand it.™

The JOBY® GripTight™ Mount for MagSafe is designed for the owners of the popular iPhone 12 and later series of smartphones.

This innovative mount has a super fast design, allowing mobile content creators the ability to add their phone to their JOBY ecosystem of products in a quicker and easier way. With the hybrid clamp, you get two modes of use: with the jaws twisted back the magnet takes the lead for speed of use; while with the jaws twisted out, you get the security and trust which only JOBY products can provide.

The clamp spins 360° to allow for quick switch from landscape to portrait and you may use the mounting points to add in the GorillaPod® arms and build up a rig to add in Beamo™ lights and Wavo™ mics.

Supplied with the industry standard ¼-20” mounting point, the GripTight Mount for MagSafe is compatible with one of our tripods of your choice: GorillaPod, HandyPod™, TelePod™ or RangePod™ supports.

When not in use this game changing mount is pocket sized and will easily drop into a back pocket or in a camera bag for use as a second shooting option.


Weight: 0.09 kg

Attachment Type: Magnetic

Material: Steel, ABS Plastic, Rare Earth Magnets, Silicone

Dimensions: 3.1 x 6 x 16.1 cm

Color: Black

Product Contents: Phone Clamp