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Konus Fiery 2x-16x Handheld Thermal Monocular 400x300

SKU: KS7957
Sale price$2,890.00

Revolutionizing thermal technology, this model presents an exceptional image resolution of 400×300, surpassing the standard 384×288 found in most common models. Offering an extensive zoom range from 2x to 16x, it far exceeds the limited magnification capabilities of other models. The #7957 also boasts distinctive features, including four different palettes, Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, photo and video recording capabilities, a fire alarm system, and more. Additionally, it incorporates a red dot for effortless framing of your observations

Thermal Monocular
400×300 resolution with high-sensitivity sensor
Focal length: 19mm
Zoom magnification: 2x-16x
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Memory module with 32Gb SD Card
4 Palettes: Warm White/Warm Black/Warm Red Iron/Alarm
Distance calculation by video analysis
Built-in red dot pointer
Distance recognition: 1353mt
Photo and video recording function
Fire alarm function
Thread for tripod mounting

Technical Specifications
Vehicle sighting distance 1.4x4m: 1490m
Human sighting distance 1.8x0.5m: 650m
Vehicle recognition distance 1.4x4m: 370m
Human being recognition distance 1.8x0.5m: 160m
Vehicle identification distance 1.4x4m: 190m
Human being identification distance 1.8x0.5m: 80m
Weight: 450g
Length: 187.2mm

FIERY” 2x-16x full specifications