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Konus Fiery Clip-On Handheld Thermal Monocular 384x288

SKU: KS7956
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This highly advanced device serves as both a compact monocular, offering zoom magnification from 2.1x to 16.8x, and a versatile clip-on unit designed to enhance your optical sighting capabilities with thermal vision. The #7956 model arrives complete with a range of adapters, eliminating the need for additional accessories, and seamlessly attaches to optics featuring lens diameters from 44mm to 56mm. Waterproof and equipped with advanced functionalities, this thermal viewer boasts six different palettes, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, photo and video recording functions, distance calculation features, and more

Clip-on thermal monocle with 10 reticles in 4 colours
384x288 resolution with high-sensitivity sensor
35mm focal length
Large 1400x1080 0.4inch OLED display
Battery life 7,5h
Works with rechargeable lithium battery
Wi-Fi hot spot
16GB built-in memory module
6 palettes available: warm white/black/hot green/iron red/sephia
Distance calculated with video analysis
Pip function (picture in picture)
Photo and video recording function

Technical Specifications
Vehicle sighting distance 1.4x4m: 3900m
Human sighting distance 1.8x0.5m: 1800m
Vehicle recognition distance 1.4x4m: 1000m
Human recognition distance 1.8x0.5m: 460m
Vehicle identification distance 1.4x4m: 500m
Human identification distance 1,8x0,5m: 230m
Weight: 460 gr
Length: 280.8m