Konus Konusight Red Green Dot Sight Interchangeable Reticles

SKU: KS7378
Sale price$209.00

It features 4 interchangeable reticle patterns that are among the most popular and versatile today.

Each of the reticles can be illuminated in both, red and green. In order to accommodate all lighting conditions, you can dial up to 5 different intensities in each color.

It also comes with a dual mount that fits a standard style base, as well as 3/8? grooved receivers such as those used on 22’s. The look and feel is all about usage.

The knurled eyepiece, and the finger adjustable, windage and elevation knobs offer form and function in one complete unit.


4 Interchangeable Reticles

Illumination In Red Or Green
Dual Mount, Suitable For 7/8” And 3/8” Rail
Integrated Rail System

Technical Data

Diameter: 40Mm
Length: 4.13” / 105Mm
Weight: 12.2 Oz / 305Gr
Dot Size: 4 Adjustable Patterns
Click Adjustment: 1 M.O.A.
Outer Circle Size With Center Dot: 40 M.O.A.
Outer Circle Size With Empty Center: 20 M.O.A.