Leica Amplus 6 3-18x44i

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For all practically-minded hunters, the new Leica Amplus 6 riflescope series is the attractive entry into the premium class.

The well-balanced, high-quality optics feature an extremely crisp illuminated dot, 6x zoom, a large exit pupil and a wide field of view. The rugged design makes the Leica Amplus 6 ideal for uncompromising use in any terrain – even in the most adverse weather conditions. The high-quality feel of the functional elements ensures secure and flexible handling at the decisive moment.

More reliability for an ethically-placed shot.
Reliable at all distances.
The superior, wide field of view, large exit pupil and flexible 6x zoom make the Amplus 6 models a reliable companion in any hunting situation – for precision and flexibility when it counts.

Fine and precise.
Proven for hunting.
The extra-fine illuminated reticles ensure low target coverage and a particularly sharp and brilliant illuminated dot – without annoying glare. This way, hunters always have a clear overview in difficult light conditions.

The Leica Amplus 6 3-18x44i features an extremely rugged design and intuitive control elements. High-quality optics make it the ideal, reliable companion for many hunt types. Its light weight and short, compact design are a distinct advantage when stalking. This model’s extremely high magnification and precision also make it the perfect fit for alpine hunts, where shooting distances can vary greatly. Low mounting lends it a harmonious look on any hunting rifle.

With its objective lens diameter and high imaging performance, the twilight-ready riflescope is also a reliable companion when shooting from blinds in the morning or evening. In addition, a large exit pupil, an optimized, fine illuminated dot, as well as generous eye relief ensure comfortable viewing in any hunting situation. The Amplus 6 3-18x44i reticle is adjusted in MOA.


Package includes: Cleaning tissue, battery, safety instructions
Front lens diameter: 
42 mm
3 – 18 x
6.7 x
Field of view at 100 m (min. up to max. magnification)
12-4 m up to 2.1 m
Eye relief: 
> 3.5 in. / 90 mm
Exit pupil: 
7.3 - 2.4 mm
adjustable, 20 m to infinity
Diopter compensation: 
–3/+2 dpt
AquaDura® lens coating
> 90 %
Focal plane reticle: 
2nd focal plane
Available reticles: 
L-Ballistic (MoA), L-4W (MoA), L-4A (Mil)
Reticle adjustment (100 m): 
230 x 230 cm
Impact point correction (100 m): 
1/4 MoA
Reticle illumination: 
Size illuminated dot (10 x magnification): 
0.7 cm / 100m
Light levels: 
Central tube diameter: 
30 mm
Mounting option: 
Length (without sunshade): 
317 mm
670 g
up to 4 m water depth (nitrogen-filled)
1 x CR2032