Lowepro Trekker LT SLX 120 Green Line

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Color: Grey

Designed from the beginning to be the perfect travel photography bag.

Made of 76% recycled and solution-dyed fabrics
Fits full-frame CSC with lens attached, and 1-2 extra lenses

Attach your tabletop tripod or jacket on the lower front panel
Multiple pockets for small items and accessories
Accessory water bottle holder included

The Trekker Lite collection is the top choice for travel photography adventures. The SLX 120 is a discrete travel companion, which carries your essentials and keeps your gear close to your body. It can be worn either as a sling or on your hip.

The SLX 120 includes 76% recycled and solution-dyed fabrics, to reduce water waste and negative impact on the environment. This percentage is made up of 51% recycled fabrics – Including all fabrics, webbings, bindings, zipper tape, cords and meshes, and 25% solution-dyed fabrics used to build each bag. This small camera bag is perfect for carrying all your essential pieces of kit, with plenty of handy features, whilst being environmentally friendly by creating less greenhouse gas during production and using ~80% less water. Black is practical, versatile and great for the outdoors.

(This Green Line score is measured following the GRI 301-2 standard, as a percentage of the recycled/dope-dyed yarn used, compared to the total weight of yarn).

In the interior, on the front panel, you'll find a zipper pocket and small stretch pockets on the main padded divider. This, with its protective top flap, protects your photo equipment.

There's a small front zip pocket for your keys, phone, or other small items; and the main zipper lets you access the camera compartment. The pair of straps allow you to attach a tabletop tripod or jacket to the lower front panel. On the inside of the bag, you'll find an accessory water bottle holder, which can be used with the straps.


Mirrorless and Compact cameras with attached zoom lens
1-2 extra lenses
10'' tablet
Compact Tripod
Small personal items 


Weight: 0.51 kg
Main Color: Black, Grey
Total Volume: 6.5 L
Internal Dimensions: 28 x 11 x 22 cm
External Dimensions: 30 x 14 x 24 cm
Tablet Compartment Dimensions: 27 x 1.5 x 19 cm
Camera Compartment Dimensions: 27 x 9 x 15 cm
Primary Device: Camera
Device Volume: 4 L
Exterior Material  300D polyester ripstop Recycled, 600D polyester solution dyed
Interior Material: 200D polyester (recycled)



We share our adventurers’ and storytellers’ passion for the world around us. And we’re determined to make a big difference in the impact we make.


By 2024, you’ll see the green line on all our products and packaging.

It will tell you exactly what we’re doing to manufacture our bags more sustainably. While never compromising on quality, we’re reducing the amount of resources we use and the emissions we create.


The green line score tells you the percentage of responsibly-sourced fabric content we’ve used to produce our bags.
These include the amount of recycled and solution dyed fabrics.

All our recycled content is calculated following the GRI 301-2 standard, measuring the weight of recycled yarn compared to the total yarn. We measure our solution dye percent by weight using the same method.

Recycled Polyester (rPET)

-50% CO2 emissions

Recycled Nylon

reduced CO2 emissions


100% perfluorinated chemicals and polyfluorinated chemicals-free

Recycled Polybags

100% recycled LDPE

Hangtags from responsibly-sourced paper

100% FSC-certified

Recycled Nylon

Solution-Dyed Polyester