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Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Short Slider

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Magic Carpet PRO Short Slider (61cm)

Press button engagement of motion smoothing flywheel
Quick release plate for rapid setup changes and manoeuvrability
Infinitely extendable with additional 2ft or 3ft tracks
Manfrotto motion control ready for adding up to 3-axis
Zero-join tracks for supremely smooth tracking motion

The Magic Carpet Pro gives filmmakers a professional, fluid and supremely stable slider experience. Built to withstand heavier camera payloads of up to 32kg, the Magic Carpet Pro offers tool-less set up with the added benefit of an integrated flywheel, a patent-pending quick release system and the ability to connect multiple tracks together for longer tracking movements.
When engaged, the flywheel spins inside the carriage ensuring that your hand-operated tracking shots are silky smooth every time with the added benefit of being completely integrated into the carriage, drastically reducing set up time. The integrated carriage quick release system enables lightning fast release of your entire tripod head and camera from the slider, allowing you to quickly and easily move your slider around on set while also making sure your camera is safe. The Quick release receiver also allows the Genie II Linear to click straight into the carriage giving you flexibility to add motion control while still keeping your setup extremely low profile and stable. Infinitely extend your slider to go as long as you want with our seamless zero-join tracks that snap together using quick release levers providing an insanely smooth join. Packed with innovative features, Magic Carpet Pro is the perfect slider system for any serious filmmaker.


Weight: 4.9 kg
Dimensions: 71.9 x 19.4 x 7.3 cm
Tripod Mounting: Female 3/8"-16 thread, Female 1/4"-20 thread
Camera Mounting Screw: 1/4"-20 Male, 3/8"-16 Male
Payload Tracking: 32 kg
Payload Vertical: 11 kg
Payload Tracking Upside Down: 23 kg
Product Contents: 1x Magic Carpet Pro Short Track (61cm) 1 x Magic Carpet Pro Protective Carry Bag Short 1 x Magic Carpet PRO Carriage 2 x Magic Carpet PRO End Caps 1 x Quick Release 1/4"-20 Camera Screw Square 1 x Quick Release 3/8"-16 Camera Screw Square 2 x Track Joiners 1 x Quick Release Plate 90mm 1 x Setup Guide
Compatibility: Genie II Linear, Genie Mini (first edition)
Camera Compatibility: Cine Cameras, DSLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras
Material: Aluminium