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Manfrotto 405 Geared Tripod Head

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Speed, precision and reliability.

Micrometric Knobs offer you precise framing composition
Tripod head locking system allows you to alter axes faster
Levelling bubble gives you precise framing composition
Aluminium body ensures your geared head’s long term reliability
Large ergonomic knobs provide you with simple geared control

The 405 Geared Tripod Head gives you optimum support and accurate set up for professional medium format cameras with both digital and conventional backs. This tripod head works with medium formats and 35mm cameras for payloads of up to 7.5Kg. Its aluminium body is strong but lightweight, so you can trust the 405 Geared Head to be both long lasting and easy to transport.

Utilising large ergonomic knobs, you'll have smooth and simple geared control throughout 360° pan and +90° -30° frontal and lateral tilts. This gives you higher quality control over maintaining those crucial shots. The innovative tripod head design allows you to disengage gears and easily position the camera by hand. Once in position, you can instantly re-engage the gears for a final, ultra-precise alignment. The 405 Geared Head takes care of the technical details so you can get on with the photography role at hand. Purchase your tripod head today to begin shooting those precise shots from every angle.


Weight: 1.6 kg
Base Diameter: 60 mm
Material: Aluminium
Front Tilt: -30° / +90°
Safety Payload Weight: 7.5 kg
Bubble Spirit Level (No.): 3
Plate Type: 410PL
Colour: Black
Ball Locking: No
Top Attachment: 1/4" screw, 3/8" screw
Degrees Of Rotation For Each Full Turn Of Handle: 6.55 °
Easy Link: No
Friction Control: No
Head Type: Geared Head
Independent Pan Lock: yes
Independent Tilt Lock: yes
Lateral Tilt: -90° / +30°
Maximum Working Temperature: 60 °C
Minimum Working Temperature: -30 °C
Pan Bar Included: No
Pan Drag: NONE
Panoramic Rotation: 360 °
Quick Release: Yes
Tilt Drag: NONE
Working Height: 16 cm