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Manfrotto Tripod Bag Padded

Sale price$229.00
Size: 80cm

Durable, comfortably, and secure. Traveling with your larger tripod can be easier and safe with the Manfrotto Padded Tripod Bag.

Durable tripod bag for transport
Available sizes: 80cm, 90cm, 120cm
Thermoform padding for protection, including delicate head
Durable, water repellent design to minimize wear and tear
Fully zippered closure for easy access (90cm and 120cm bag)
Additional inner pocket for other accessories

Manfrotto Padded Tripod Bag series, available in three versatile sizes to cater to your specific needs: 80cm, 90cm, and 120cm. Designed for durability, comfort, and security, these bags are your ideal companion for safely transporting larger tripods.

Each bag in the series features Thermoform padding, ensuring a snug fit for your tripod and preventing additional wear and tear. This padding not only secures your equipment but also provides comfort during transportation. The weatherproof and robust construction of the bag enhances its ability to carry heavy loads with ease, making your on-the-go experience hassle-free.

The asymmetrical design of the bag enhances transport comfort, complemented by an adjustable shoulder strap and two carrying handles. The full-length zipper allows quick access to insert or remove your tripod effortlessly.

The Thermoform padding acts as a buffer, safeguarding vulnerable areas like the head from potential damage. Additionally, an inner pocket is included for extra accessories such as video head pan bars, ensuring everything stays organized in one place(for 90cm and 120cm bag).

Manfrotto Padded Tripod Bag series is crafted with high-quality materials, making it a durable and long-lasting solution for safeguarding your valuable gear on every journey. Travel confidently with Manfrotto – where durability, comfort, and security converge for the ultimate tripod transport experience.

80 cm bagΒ fits a tripod with a head up to 79 cm long
90 cm bag fits a tripod with a head up to 85 cm long
120 cm bag fits a tripod with a head up to 115 cm long