Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
Peak Design

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L


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A versatile, durable, and beautiful carry-on travel backpack

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is a versatile, durable, and beautiful carry-on travel pack driven by a simple truth: no two trips are the same. We travel to explore, to work, to visit family, to photograph and film, to relax—sometimes, when we’re lucky, all of the above. Whatever you carry, wherever you go, however long you’re there—the Travel Backpack keeps your stuff brilliantly organized, delightfully accessible, and totally safe.


Features top, side, front and rear access via intuitively placed weatherproof zips. Meets international carry-on size requirements, but expands to be a 45L gear-hauler and collapses to be a 35L day bag, making it unmatched for 1-bag travel. Tons of internal and external pockets, plus a main cavity that’s divisible via a zippered mesh sleeve. Tuck-away shoulder straps and hip belt use unique magnetic catches to stay magically in-place when checking your bag. 360-degree grab handles. Cleverly concealed external carry straps. All packed within a sleek, weatherproof 100% recycled 400D nylon canvas shell.


A feature-rich system of packing tools (sold separately) provide endlessly customizable organization and protection of clothes, shoes, toiletries, cords, adapters, and photo/video gear—from a single camera/drone to a full professional kit.

 Carry-on approved

Meets international max carry-on standards in default 35L configuration. Dual expansion zips give 10L extra volume for 45L max storage. Compression snaps reduce bag to 30L for use as a day bag. Dual external carry straps stowed away in magnetic external pouch. Expand the side pockets to store water bottles, tripods.


Re-imagined organisation

Front organizational panel four-zippered mesh pockets for small and flat items. Rigid sidewalls and full-back panel load for organized packing. Zippered dividing panel separates bag into two compartments or merge into one.

 Super durable

400D weatherproof material. 100% recycled nylon canvas shell and DWR impregnated, PU-coated interior equals zero rainwater. Oversized #10 front and #8 back zippers are weatherproof and lockable. Rugged 900D weatherproof bottom liner. Protected luggage tag holder included. Why not add the Rainfly for extra protection?



  • Full back panel-load access for packing
  • Dual zippered side hatches for camera/item access
  • Quick tablet & laptop access (via main back zip)
  • Front organization panel gives access to small/flat items
  • Soft-lined zippered stash pocket on top
  • Dual zippered side stash pockets
  • Bag sits upright on floor when packed or empty


Expansion & Compression

  • Maximum international carry on size in normal 35L state
  • Expansion zip gives additional 10L of storage (45L max)
  • Compressible down to 30L day bag size
  • Expandable side pockets for water bottles, tripods
  • Tuck-away external carry compression straps (x2)



  • Rigidly supported sidewalls for easy packing
  • Zippered dividing panel separates bag into 2 compartments, or stowes away for 1 large volume.
  • Front organization panel contains 4 zippered mesh pockets for organizing smaller items.
  • Mount camera cubes (sold separately) internally for organization & access of photography, drone, or video gear
  • Instantly accessible laptop, tablet, & document storage
  • Protected luggage tag holder


Comfort & Portability

  • 360 degree grab handles
  • Magnetic strap storage system
  • Full-size padded hip belt with additional pockets and attachment points for Capture & Range Pouch (sold separately)
  • Axial strap attachments for shoulder & hip straps give constant comfort for all body types and carry loads
  • Proprietary sternum strap
  • Luggage pass-through and duffel grab handle
  • Back panel folds under for increased ventilation & comfort



  • 400D weatherproof 100% recycled nylon canvas shell
  • DWR impregnated, PU-coated interior for water resistance
  • Oversized #10 (back) and #8 (front, side) zips are weatherproof and lockable
  • Rugged 900D weatherproof bottom liner
  • Ultralight padded foam provides security, structure, and aesthetic cleanliness around entire bag


Max Capacity

  • Standard (max carry-on): 35L
  • Compressed: 30L
  • Expanded: 45L


Max Dimensions

  • Standard: 56cm x 33cm x 24cm (22" x 13" x 9.5")
  • Compressed: 56cm x 33cm x 24cm (22" x 13" x 9.5") (compression only happens at the top of the bag. 6" at top when compressed)
  • Expanded: 56cm x 33cm x 29cm (22" x 13" x 11")


Laptop/Tablet Carry

  • Laptop: 40.6cm x 30cm x 2.5cm (16" x 11" x 1")
  • Tablet: 24cm x 19cm x 1.5cm (9.5" x 7.5" x 0.6")
  • Weight: 2.05 kg (4.5 lb)