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Profile Adhesive Magic Dots

SKU: PFPP01708
Sale price$15.95
Pack Size: Pack of 700 clear adhesive dots

Profile Adhesive Magic Dots are a must-have when creating a photo album, scrapbook or memory book.

Adhesive Magic Dots are small, 7mm diameter 'dots' of clear premium double-sided adhesive placed on a paper release carrier. Unlike other adhesive dots on the market, these super-thin dots are specifically designed for photo albums and have been formally P.A.T. tested by a scientific laboratory and classified to be photo safe for long term storage of photographic materials. 

A magic dot can be picked up from the release paper by directly pressing the back corner of a photo or print onto a dot, and then adhering this straight into the photo album page. 

Ideal for photo mounting and attaching photos to paper, Adhesive Magic Dots are quick, easy to use, mess-free and will not leave any marks on your photos or in your photo album or book.

Additional to holding regular sized photos, these versatile Adhesive Magic Dots can also be used to attach other items such as magazine cut-outs, postcards or other bits and pieces that you wish to keep and stick them onto your pages in your photo album or scrap book.

The high-quality adhesive will also allow you to lift and remove or reposition your photo within a few hours and it will not damage your photo album page or your photo. If you wish to remove them, just peel the photo off the page and simply rub off the adhesive dots. Over time the adhesive will cure and create a permanent bond securely holding your items in place and won't degrade.

One pack of 700 clear Adhesive Magic Dots can mount 175 photos using a dot for each corner.

  • 7mm diameter premium clear adhesive dots
  • Pack of 700 clear adhesive dots 
  • Easy to use
  • No mess, touch-free application
  • Completely removable with no residue
  • Acid-free, solvent-free and photo safe
  • P.A.T. Tested to be confirmed as Photo Safe by the Image Permanence Institute for long term storage of photographic materials.
  • Made in Denmark with the highest standards and finest quality materials