Profile Removable Photo Glue

SKU: PFPP01705
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Size: Photo Glue 50ml

Profile Removable Photo Glue is perfect for easily mounting photos into dry mount photo albums or scrapbooks. This high quality glue is acid-free and photo safe. The adhesive is also fast-drying, repositionable and water-free so it won't affect paper or photos by warping or causing wrinkles.

Unlike regular household glue, Profile Removable Photo Glue is made from materials that won't damage the most common types of photos or pages with which it comes into contact.

Just apply a small dab of glue in each corner of the back of a photo allowing a bit of distance from the edges. Then position the photo in place on the album page and press down firmly. After a few minutes, the photo will stay securely in place until you may wish to remove them in the future. 

If you want to be able to re-arrange your photos in your album from time to time without damaging them, the Profile Removable Photo Glue is perfect. 

If required, photos can removed by gently peeling the photo off the album page. Any residual glue can easily be removed by gently rubbing it off of the album page. It won't leave any stains or residue and it will not damage your page or your photo.

Other uses include scrapbooking, mounting, school projects, art and crafts and more!

You can use Profile Removable Photo Glue to hold photos in place for picture framing, stick photos into scrapbooks, mounting postcards, personalise gifts, school projects, art and crafts and more.

Each tube contains 50ml of removable acid-free glue. It can be used quite minimally and should be able to mount around 200 photos. 

  • Crystal clear, acid-free, solvent-free and photo safe
  • Completely removable, water-free with no residue
  • Easy to use
  • 50ml Tube