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Ringo Water Bottle + Free Magnetic Booster Ring

Sale price$79.95
Size: 710ml
Color: BLACK

Ringo - The Water Bottle That Holds Your Phone

Ringo Water Bottle holds any phone so you can use it to capture, create, watch and connect

Ringo bottle Compatible with All Devices

Compatible with All Devices

Ringo™ works with all MagSafe iPhones and cases. For non-MagSafe devices, use our Magnetic Booster Ring to make Ringo™ compatible with any phone or tablet.

Works Empty or Full

Ringo™ holds your phone securely whether the bottle is full or empty. For larger devices like a 12.9" iPad, a fuller bottle provides better stability.

A Ringo Bottle designed to hold a phone, regardless of whether the bottle is empty or full.

Full 90-Degree Range

Our premium 90-degree hinge allows perfect resistance and strength, ensuring your device stays in place once set.

A Ringo Bottle capable of holding a device at any angle you need.

Find Your Perfect Angle

Adjust your device for both portrait and landscape use, ensuring the perfect angle for selfies, video calls, or group photos.

Go with colour of Your Choice

Ringo's come in a variety of vibrant colors to suit everyone's taste, including Black, Steel, Ivory, and Orange.

A Ringo Bottle designed in catching set of colurs

For Your Lifestyle

Ringo™ is versatile, from keeping your phone sand-free at the beach to recording sports practices or navigating while driving. How will you Ringo?

Dishwasher Safe Bottle

Ringo's bottle is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The lid should be hand-washed to maintain its quality.


Ringo (Regular 710ml)
Height (with lid) - 24.3cm
Height (without lid) - 21.2cm
Diameter (top) - 61.8mm
Diameter (bottom) - 78.6mm

Ringo (Large 950ml)
Height (with lid) - 27.2cm
Height (without lid) - 24.1cm
Diameter (top) - 61.8mm
Diameter (bottom) - 84.6mm