Profile Self-Adhesive Photo Album - Refill Pack

SKU: PF13-01R275
Sale price$22.95
Size: 275x300mm - 10 Black Pages

This 10-page Self-Adhesive Photo Album Refill Pack is designed for our popular self-adhesive photo albums.

Each pack has 5 page sheets, giving you an extra 10 page sides to work with. These are already hole punched to they're ready to insert and use. Each refill pack of pages also includes extra post extender screws for your album as well.

Available in three sizes of either 275x300mm, 375x300mm and 335x325mm.

Self-adhesive photo albums (also referred to as magnetic page, self mount or peel-back photo albums) feature a crystal clear film which easily peels off the page to allow for easy, flexible mounting of your photos, images, tickets and other mementos onto the premium quality adhesive. Simply return the clear film back onto the page and your photos are now ready for viewing. They are also secured in place and protected from dust, scratches and fingerprints.