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Syrp Genie Rope

SKU: SY0007-8010
Sale price$109.00
Size: 10M

Genie Rope 10m

Specialized accessory designed for Genie and Genie II Linear
3 different lengths to choose from: 10m, 50m, 100m
Non-stretch Kevlar core for repeatable performance
Braided outer sheath for extra grip
Highly durable with long service life

Genie rope is a specialized accessory designed to work specifically with the Genie or Genie II Linear. The rope is non-stretch and has a Kevlar core making it extremely high tensile and perfect for motion control. It has a braided outer sheath making it extra grippy, ensuring movements are precise. Combining the rope with Genie or Genie II Linear enables you to shoot uniquely long motion control of up to 100m long.


Weight: 0.65 kg
Dimensions: 1000 x 0.3 x 0.3 cm
Product Contents: 1 x Genie Rope 10m
Compatibility: Genie II Linear, Genie (first edition)
Material: Nylon braided with a polyethylene and kevlar core
Rope Length: 10 m