Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon Extension

SKU: SY0013-0012
Sale price$489.00

Magic Carpet Carbon Extension (60cm)

Lightweight weighing only 380g / 0.84 lbs
Extends the Magic Carpet Carbon slider length by 0.6m / 2ft
Smooth seamless join
Detachable brackets for complete disassembly
Endlessly extendable with multiple extensions & tripod mountable

Magic Carpet Carbon Extension adds an extra 0.6m / 2ft extension to your Magic Carpet Carbon fiber track for extended tracking shots. It creates a seamless join maintaining silky smooth tracking motion at any length.
Requires Magic Carpet End Caps & Carriage as well Carbon Fiber Track, then any number of extensions can be added on for achieving the tracking distance you require.

*Note we recommend adding tripods or similar supports every 3 feet.


Weight: 0.38 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 128 x 3.7 cm
Product Contents: 1 x Magic Carpet Carbon Extension (60cm)
Tripod Mounting: Female 3/8"-16 thread
Compatibility: Magic Carpet End Caps & Carriage
Payload Tracking: 5 kg
Payload Vertical: 5 kg
Material: Carbon Fiber