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Syrp Pan Tilt Bracket

SKU: SY0003-0001
Sale price$199.00

Pan Tilt Bracket

Connect two Genie Minis or Genie Mini II’s for pan tilt motion
Combine additionally with Genie or Genie II Linear for 3-axis
Camera is adjustable allowing for some nodal point centering
Tilt arm is adjustable allowing some vertical axis repositioning
Breaks down to two compact portable bracket arms

The perfect accessory for adding dynamic motion for time-lapse, panorama and video. The Pan Tilt Bracket provides everything you need to connect two Genie Minis or Genie Mini II’s together for creating smooth pan tilt time-lapse, video and for shooting multi-row panoramas. In addition, combine with the Genie or Genie II Linear for up to 3-axis control.
The pan tilt bracket features the ability for some camera repositioning in both the horizontal and vertical direction in order to center the camera with the motion control hardware, a key requirement for multi-row panorama.


Weight: 0.38 kg
Dimensions: 115 x 1.3 x 2.5 cm
Product Contents: 1 x 1F Shutter Link Cable
Camera Mounting Screw: 1/4"-20 Male
Tripod Mounting: Female 3/8"-16 thread, Female 1/4"-20 thread
Compatibility: Genie II Linear, Genie Mini II, Genie Mini (first edition), Genie (first edition), Genie II Pan Tilt
Payload Panning: 4 kg
Payload Tilting: 3 kg
Payload Tracking: 999 kg
Payload Vertical: 999 kg
Max Torque Rating: 999 kg
Material: Aluminium