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Syrp USB Shutter Release Cable

SKU: SY0001-7015
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USB Shutter Release Cable

Connects a Shutter link cable to your USB-C port
Shoot timelapse, Panorama, product photography & stop motion
Compatible with Genie II Linear and Genie II Pan Tilt
Only required on versions that do not have 2.5mm input
Flexible 11.5cm/0.38ft cable

USB-C to 2.5mm shutter release cable adapter allows the use of a Shutter Link Cable with Manfrotto motion control devices that only have USB-C ports.
Compatible with all Manfrotto shutter link cables.


Weight: 0.006 kg
Dimensions: 300 x 0.3 x 2.5 cm
Product Contents: 1 x 3m Shutter Link Cable Extension
Compatibility: Genie II Linear, Genie Mini II, Genie Mini (first edition), Genie (first edition), Genie II Pan Tilt