Tovatec Li-ion 26650-A Rechargeable Battery

SKU: IT26650-A
Sale price$44.95

Can be used for Tovatec lights:
Fusion 1000 Lumen(FUS1000)
Fusion 1500 Lumen(FUS1500)
Mera Camera + Light (MERA1080)
USB 3500 lumen Spot(T3500S)
Tovatec 3600 Lumen(TOV3600) lights

Voltage – 3.7V
Amperage – 4500mAh
Wattage – 16.65Wh
Safety control circuit

WARNING: Always replace batteries in pairs. Always use new batteries. Never mix and match battery types. This can be dangerous with any flashlight. If batteries have different charge levels it causes the more fully charged one to compensate for the less charged. This can lead to overheating, gas release and even explosion. Always use the batteries of the same brand and charge levels. Never use any rechargeable CR123, AA, AAA, or C cell batteries in any Tovatec Light. If using non Tovatec batteries they must be to Manufacturer Specifications as listed above for Volts and Milliamp hours. Do not leave battery in light for an extended period of time. Only use the battery type recommended in the instructions. Not using the correct battery will void warranty.