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TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Reflex M42-Mount

SKU: TTF25056-B-M42
Sale price$779.00
Mount: M42


Full Frame
Doughnut-shaped Bokeh
250mm Focal Length
Fixed F5.6 Aperture
Retro look
Full Metal Body
Comes with a Lens Hood

Telephoto Reflex Lens

Introducing the TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Reflex, a compact and lightweight telephoto manual lens. Thanks to its catadioptric design, this lens maintains minimal weight and size. It's built for the M42-mount but can be adapted for use with Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, and other cameras.

M42 Mount

Nikkor Z7 II with TTArtisan 250mm Lens

Doughnut Bokeh

TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Doughnut Bokeh

Fantasy Doughnut Bokeh

Flowers with TTArtisan 250mm Lens

Flowers with TTArtisan 250mm Lens

Reflex Lens for Portraits

With its optical design, this lens is not only small and lightweight but also effectively controls chromatic aberration to deliver excellent image quality. It's perfect for capturing vibrant, painterly images of flowers.

Portrait with TTArtisan 250mm Lens

Portrait with TTArtisan 250mm Lens

Reflex Lens for More

This lens's unique bokeh creates a distinctive look, adding fun and creativity to everyday scenes.

Flowers with TTArtisan 250mm Lens

Optical Design Upgrade

TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Optical Design

Highly Reflective Metal Mirror

The TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Reflex uses a metal mirror with 98% reflectivity to reduce light loss and enhance image quality.

Dream Catcher

Distinctive Retro Look

This lens features a classic retro design, with a diamond-patterned focus ring and bayonet ring for enhanced grip and a pleasing tactile feel.

TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Retro Look

Compatible Mounts

The TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 is designed for the M42 mount but can be adapted for use with Sony, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, and other cameras using an adapter ring.

TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 with Various Mounts

It's normal for the thread mount lens centerline to not align with the camera's centerline, and this doesn't affect usage. If using an adapter ring, consider one with centerline adjustment.

Centerline Adjustment

Centerline Adjustment

Vignetting Test

The TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 is a full-frame lens with no vignetting on APS-C or full-frame cameras. On medium format cameras, slight vignetting adds an artistic touch.

Bokeh Test

Bokeh Test

Bokeh Test

Bokeh Test

Weighs Only 380 Grams

Thanks to its unique optical design, this reflex lens is lighter and smaller than conventional lenses of the same specification.

TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 on Sony Camera

MTF & Optical Design

In The Box

TTArtisan 250mm f5.6 Reflex Lens
Lens Hood
Front Cap
Rear Cap
User Manual
Warranty Card

Focal length 250mm
Filter size 67mm
Fixed aperture F5.6
Closest focus distance 2m
Frame Full Frame
Focus method Manual
Weight Around 380g
Angle of view 10°
Optical Design 6 Elements in 5 Groups
Mount M42